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How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Tinder

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to find your next sugar daddy? Considering using Tinder because sites like Craigslist and SugarDaddyMeet let you down? We decided to take a look at the popular dating app and determine how useful it is to a sugar baby. Hopefully, this guide can help you find your sugar daddy through this app.

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Tinder Basics

Finding a Sugar Daddy on Tinder

You probably already know how to use the app, but let’s review the basics for those that don’t.

When logging in on the app, users are shown a series of photos. You swipe right on people you like, left on those you don’t so they disappear. If someone you like also swipes right on you, a match is made and now both can send each other text messages to develop a relationship.

The usual rules of online dating apply to your Tinder profile. Be sure to fill out your profile and use good photos of you. A good first photo will get you plenty of swipes right and a completed profile can keep matches from assuming you’re not serious about the site. It’s impossible to find a sugar daddy if he loses interest right away.

Behind The Scenes

Tinder does decide what profiles you get to choose from. The developers are very secretive about the algorithms and their exact details for business purposes, but certain tendencies in the app’s selections have been identified. Understanding these tendencies is vital when looking for sugar.

The most important thing to understand is that the app will start showing you fewer profiles each session if you swipe left often. The app also prioritizes active profiles and hides profiles that don’t get checked often. Users tend to get frustrated when they lack matches, and inactive users don’t swipe right to complete matches, making them bad for business. Travelers also get placed on screens near their current location to boost user engagement, maximizing a traveler’s exposure.

Tinder definitely likes to show you people similar to the ones you’ve swiped right on. It most commonly tracks age ranges, interests, and other data typically used by dating sites. Some users believe that it also has created an attractiveness index based on how many times a profile gets swiped left or right, although the developers have yet to confirm or deny this to avoid any resulting backlash.

Tips For A Sugar Baby

All this information is handy to have, but how does it apply to finding sugar? There’re a few tips a would-be sugar baby needs to know when applying this knowledge of Tinder.

It’s recommended that you swipe right often because the app tends to give fewer options to picky users. While swiping left may seem like the smart way to narrow the app’s incredibly wide field, it will lead to you missing out on a potential sugar daddy when the app gives you fewer options to swipe. This holds especially true since there’s not a sugar daddy section of Tinder. At the very least you should be less picky in the early phases so you can keep making new matches. Matches can always be deleted later instead of swiping left often.

The app does require a Facebook account to sign in, which will come in handy when setting up dates. The account is then linked to your app profile, although the app will never post to your Facebook account. Be sure to verify your date’s identity through Facebook before meeting and meet in a public place for your safety.

You can also weed out the hookup artists and get yourself noticed using original icebreakers. A simple “hi there” won’t work, especially with so many match options available for everyone on the app. Directly stating what you’re looking for can help identify a sugar daddy quickly, although it may scare off a sugar daddy that’s on the fence about you being their sugar baby. If you’re not sure, strike up a conversation using the information on a match’s profile to make it clear you’re after a real relationship.

Be warned: many of the users on Tinder are just looking for a quick hookup rather than a relationship. You’ll have to dig past these profiles to find a sugar daddy. Thankfully it’ll be relatively pain free since photos and videos generally can’t be sent through the app. You won’t receive unwanted pics of body parts.

The Plain Truth

In the end, Tinder isn’t the ideal place to find a sugar daddy. Yes, it’s free, simple, and has some positives not often found on other free apps and sites like Craigslist. Tinder does a good job of showing a potential sugar baby nearby matches they’d like based on known data and past swipes. It’s also easy to window shop for a potential match, and linking to Facebook makes confirming your date’s identity simple.

However, the downsides when looking for a sugar daddy pretty clearly outweigh the positives. Nearly everyone on the market is on the app because it’s free. That means endlessly swiping left before finding a sugar daddy worth considering, and Tinder doesn’t like people that mostly swipe left. Plus, many male users are just looking for a hookup. It’ll be hard to build a truly beneficial relationship.

You’re better off using a paid site designed to help people find sugar daddies. We’ve reviewed many of the top sites, so start there before turning to Tinder. Hopefully, this guide will help should you choose to look for sugar on the app anyway. provides a platform for generous men and attractive women looking to form a relationship that’s mutually beneficial. At SugarDaddyMeet, sugar babies can meet many real sugar daddies who have verified their photos and income. Join SDM to find a sugar daddy now!

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